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Bright Sunshiny Day

August 13, 2010

You wouldn’t think this was the Arctic today, except for the icebergs floating outside in the bay. Its beautiful and sunny, which unfortunately means for slower wheatear catching. Still, we managed two new birds (both hatched this year, as all except two have been so far), and one retrap. The retrapped bird was still sporting its geolocator, ready to collect some exciting data on its migration to and from Africa, which we can retrieve as long as it makes it back next year.

No whale sightings yet today, but we’ve been lucky to see fin whale (only blue whale is bigger) earlier this week, as well as several humpback whale sightings before that. We also saw a white gyr falcon yesterday, I hope I can get some photos over the next few weeks.

Arctic Station on Disko

Arctic Station and surroundings. The main building is on the right, the library and laboratory building on the left, and the Scientific Leader’s house in the middle.

Hard work

The non-arrival of some mystery guests meant that some cakes needed eating. Help was required, and we were willing and able.

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