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Icebergs and whales

August 14, 2010

Definitely in the right place at the right time last night. The light was good, and I was itching to get some photos of the icebergs in the bay before they all melt/sail off. So I headed down to the beach, put the 70-200 lens on and focused on one hunk of ice that’s been around since we arrived. At which point it started grumbling, a few bits fell off at the back and the whole thing started listing to the side. As I clicked away, much more crashed into the sea, accompanied by whooping from the boys playing football nearby, then more toppled into the water. Finally, the iceberg levelled again and spun round into a new position.  Here are a few of the shots:

Iceberg in Disko Bay

Iceberg in Disko Bay

Iceberg in Disko Bay

Iceberg in Disko Bay

Iceberg in Disko Bay

This morning, while setting up the wheatear feeding/weighing stations, I heard a blow from the sea. Looking up, I saw the fading blow of a whale, followed by a new blow from a second whale. The huge size and fin shape confirmed that these were fin whales. After lunch, having coffee outside, we saw that there were three fin whales, and we had great views from the entrance to the station. I grabbed my camera and biggest lens and got some shots. Not the greatest quality with the mid-day sun, teleconverter and distance, but a nice record.

Surfacing fin whale in Disko Bay

Surfacing fin whale

Blow of fin whale in Disko Bay

Blow of fin whale

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