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August 28, 2010

At close of play today, Team Wheatear was on the brink of a century of wheatears, poised at 99 captures by lunch. Play was then called off for the rest of the day to analyse video replays.

I also had a presentation to prepare for a class of students from down the coast at Aasiaat, who have been staying at the Station for the last few days. Its a little bit tricky trying to convert material I’ve used in university seminars (supplemented with some slides courtesy Dr Rob Thomas) into something that Greenlandic and Danish speaking high school children will understand. It seemed like at least some got something out of it. Well, at least I had some good questions that suggested they did.

Buntings are the new starlings (starlings were the bane of my field seasons on Fair Isle, and even a different species for a while in Senegal). Both the snow buntings and Lapland buntings are having a great time on the mealworm feeders. Wheatears are still getting on, but I wonder if any new ones are being put off by the frequent bunting feeding frenzies?

I got out before wheatear feeding time the other day to get some photos, and ended up with some decent wheatear shots, one of which is below:

Greenland wheatear

Wheatear behind the Arctic Station

Below is an image of the Disko Line ferry passing by some of the icebergs in the bay. The ferry, running a few days a week, is the only regular connection between the island and mainland Greenland for most of the summer.

Ferry in Disko Bay

Disko Line ferry in Disko Bay

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